Nominee Services

ShelfCorp Solution Ltd provides a comprehensive range of private corporate solutions, including our Nominee Services, designed to empower business owners with utmost privacy while retaining complete control over their corporate affairs. With our Nominee Services, you can ensure that your personal information remains off the public record, effectively safeguarding against potential lawsuits, garnishments, and other costly legal situations.


By leveraging the expertise of our Nominee Directors, Managers, and Shareholders, you can benefit from their role as official representatives of your company. Through the utilization of our nominee officers, you can rest assured that your personal information will remain confidential and distinct from your business operations.

Our Nominee Directors serve as official directors, providing notarization of corporate documents, signature services, contract signing, and other essential administrative tasks. That allows our clients to focus on business management and profit-related responsibilities.

Our Nominee Services are available for various company types and locations. At ShelfCorp Solution, we prioritize the privacy and security of your business affairs. Through our Nominee Services, you can be confident that your information remains confidential, and you retain complete control over your business. This control is maintained through legally binding corporate documents, resolutions, and powers of attorney, ensuring that your business operations are conducted with the utmost privacy and security.

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